Monday, May 21, 2012

Ancient Bristlecone Pines, Great Basin National Park

The Bristlecone Pine is believed to be one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. Great Basin National Park is know throughout the world for its amazing display of these ancient trees, some as old as 4000 years. What was happening 4000 years ago? That's not too long when looking at the history of the Earth, but for mankind, its hard to fathom that these trees were just starting to sprout so long ago! Some of these trees are 6 feet in diameter, yet they do not grow to be very tall. Why is this? They say that whatever is not covered by the insulating snow during the harsh winters months, is killed off. So, these trees stay "hugged" to the ground.
 The funny looking texture of the Bristlecone Pine. Looks like two eyes with a beak.
 I thought this Bristlecone skeleton looked like a standing bull.
 A cooler looking tree, shaped like a ribbon. About 6 inches thick, and 2 and a half feet wide.
 A shot that resembles the beauty of Great Basin National Park really well!
 The tight knit needles of a lush green Bristlecone branch.
And lastly, the weathered, but amazing grain of the Bistlecone Pine. 

This is my last posting for a few months. Hope you enjoy, and never stop adventuring!

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